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Why buy a used van?

Why buy a used van?

If you’re running a small business (or even a large one), then a used van is a sensible investment. Of course, you might think that we’re biased – and that’s fair enough. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of six water-tight reasons to go used. Let’s get going!

Used vans cost less
We’ll start with the most obvious reason to go used: you’ll be spending less money. As well as being a good thing in-and-of-itself, this will free up funds for additional accessories like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite navigation systems and fluffy dice. If you’re investing in multiple vehicles, you might even find that you’re able to buy more of them for the same price as if you’d bought new.

What’s more, if you’re buying used, you’ll be afforded greater flexibility. Looking to make a part-exchange? We’ll make it happen.

There are more used vans to choose from
When you’re buying a new vehicle, you’re restricted to the models that manufacturers are currently putting out. But when you buy used, you can choose from everything they’ve ever put out. This breadth of options allows you to more easily find a fit for your circumstances. And, let’s face it, some models are going to be around for awhile longer, because they’re brilliant.

Used vehicles hold their value
Every time a new van rolls off the forecourt for the first time, several grand evaporates in a puff of new-car-smell. And this depreciation will continue for the first twelve months, meaning less flexibility to make a switch if you need to upscale or downsize your business quickly. By contrast, a used vehicle will hold its value proportional its condition and mileage, and thus you’ll be able to recoup a fair chunk of your investment later on.

Used vehicles are there to drive away
You won’t have to wait for a used van to be assembled and shipped from the factory to drive away in it: ours are sitting on the forecourt waiting. They’re thus a smart choice for businesses who need a transport solution immediately.

We inspect each van prior to collection
Like all good used van dealerships, we give all the vans we sell a once-over in the workshop before letting them leave. Moreover, each will have survived testing on an actual real-life road – and so you’ll be able to drive safe in the knowledge that it’s not going to fall to bits at the first sign of hardship.

We know what we’re talking about
While new car dealerships are familiar with technical schematics and price lists, they aren’t required to get up-close-and-personal with the vehicles they’re shifting. Used dealers, on the other hand, have mechanical expertise. We’ll be able to answer your questions about the van you’re looking at because we’ve taken a good hard look ourselves. This knowledge will allow you to make the best possible purchasing decision.

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