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Preparing for the MOT

Preparing for the MOT

The modern MOT test can be an intimidating prospect for any driver. It involves an extensive list of checks and tests administered to all aspects of your car. MOT testers will carry out assessments of your brakes, car suspension, lights and electrics, power steering, windscreens and tyres to name just a few. If you want to be 100% sure of a pass you can have a professional assessment and full service of your car carried out. However, if you are confident enough in the state of your car to send it directly to the test, here are some basic checks you can carry out yourself to increase your chances of success on the first go.

1. Lights
Check anything that lights up on your car and make sure that every bulb is in good working order. A third of all MOT failures can be attributed to some kind of light or electrical issue, but you can alleviate a huge amount of this risk by replacing any bulbs that need it.

2. Tyres
Tyre issues are among the most common causes for MOT failure. As well as checking for any bulges, lumps or splits, you should also ensure the pressure is correct. Thread depth must be at least 1.6mm deep to avoid failure. Issues = with alignment can be harder to detect yourself but if you get any indication that this might be an issue you should get it checked out by a professional as this will result in a fail.

3. Seatbelts
All seatbelts must be fully functioning at the time of testing, so check them yourself and if there is an issue, get it sorted!

4. Windscreen
Field of vision is an important aspect of this check. Fails are given for any area of obstruction in the windscreen wider than 10mm in the driver’s area and wider than 40mm anywhere else. Be cautious of placement of stickers and the like as well, as this can also can lead to failure. Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good nick as well, with no tears in the rubbers. No need to take risks in this area as replacements are cheap and easy to install yourself.

5. Liquids
Make sure all your liquids are topped up! This includes oil, coolant and even screen wash reservoirs. Also, it might seem obvious but can be easily overlooked; Fill your tank! You shouldn’t fail for this but, as MOT testers need to run your engine for several test, they may turn you away at the door for having an almost empty tank.

6. Keeping it tidy
This might seem like more of a courtesy than a necessity but, as MOT testers need to spend a lot of time moving around your vehicle, they may turn you away if they feel the car is too dirty inside and out. Also, you can fail for having a licence plate that is too filthy to be easily read from a distance so don’t forget to polish that off too.

At Barnsley’s Car Servicing we offer both professional repairs and servicing and MOT testing. We won’t be beat on price when it comes to the test and will match any genuine offer from another tester. Contact us today to find out more.

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