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Keeping your Van Secure

Keeping your Van Secure

If you’re running your own business, you might be tempted to use your van to advertise your services. But in doing so, you’ll indicate to thieves that your van might contain expensive, saleable tools. It’s worth therefore accompanying any branding with a message indicating that no tools are left in the van overnight and van security is kept up to date with the latest van security accessories.

Track Your Van
Fitting a used van with a tracker will allow the authorities to more easily track it down in the few minutes after it’s been stolen. Trackers are getting cheaper and better, and so increasingly make a worthwhile investment. Some insurers will even offer substantial discounts to vehicles fitted with tracking devices.

Get a Decent Alarm
If you want the best possible protection, look for an alarm that’s rated Thatcham category-1. This sort of alarm will incorporate an engine immobiliser, and it’s powered by an independent battery, making it especially difficult to tamper with.

When you’re travelling from place to place, you’ll need to rely on your own security measures. Equip your van suitably, and you’ll put yourself at lesser risk.

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