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Choosing a Commercial Vehicle

Choosing a Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vans are the workhorses of the modern age. They are designed to put up with tough treatment and unforgiving environments. The trouble with this is that it tends to encourage people to treat them roughly and pit them against all kinds of unforgiving environments! This is just one of the factors that makes choosing a used commercial vehicle a potentially perilous endeavor. Here at Barnsley Commercial Sales we pride ourselves on our ability to take the risk out of choosing a used van and offer you a chance to find the van that fits. We are able to do this thanks to our years of experience selling used commercial vehicles and our understanding of the challenges that come with the used van market.

The challenges of choosing a used commercial van

Detecting issues
In general, it is harder to detect issues with vans during a short inspection than it is with cars. This can create issues down the line, particularly when it comes to choosing a vehicle that needs to be reliable. Your work schedule can suffer if the van you need to get to the site cops out after 3 weeks or fails an MOT after the first month.

All of BCS’s used commercial vehicles will be given a 12 months MOT on agreed sale if they have less than 6 months left on their current MOT. Vehicles also come with a 3-month warranty on vehicles up to 5 years old and 1-month warranty on all vehicles over 5 years included in the price tag. We take these measures to ensure the highest standards of reliability when it comes to our fleet. We can also offer 12 month warranties via a 3rd party if you wish.

Getting the right deal and financial plan
You may find a used commercial vehicle an appealing and financially viable option for a new business venture. The right used van can get you on the road and working while still allowing you to keep your cash flow flexible. To help with this, we offer a range of finance options to suit every kind of setup fund, with interest rates to beat the bank!

How to choose a used commercial van that’s right for you…

The Load
What are you going to be carrying around and how much does it weigh? This the first thing you should ask yourself when deciding on a commercial van. Over-laden vans can have both legal and health and safety ramifications so it’s important to understand the load-bearing capacity of the vehicle you are considering. We state the payloads and the majority of our vans and if we are unsure we don’t just guess we take it to the weight bridge to be sure.

The Power
When it comes to engine size and power it’s important to match the size to the work. It might seem tempting to go for a smaller engine at a lower cost, but a bigger engine can actually prove more fuel efficient depending on the task, saving you money in the long run. In addition, if you are delivering goods and don’t have an engine capable of getting you there on time, your business is going to suffer.

The Look
This might seem like a secondary factor when you’re trying to get your trade up and running but the look of your vehicle can have a dramatic impact on your business and its brand. You want an exterior that jives with the professional personae you are trying to project and BCS are market leaders at presenting commercial vehicles to very high standards.

The Feel
As every experienced tradesman knows, you’ll end up spending a lot of time up close and personal with your van. If the relationship is rocky from the start it spells trouble. Pay attention to how you feel about how she handles, how comfortable you feel with the interior. Details like radio quality and air conditioning can seem trivial at first but you may think differently after 5 years of sweating and trying to hold a station!

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