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Six Benefits of Buying a Used Van

Six Benefits of Buying a Used Van

If you work in the commercial sector, you most likely rely on vans and commercial vehicles in order for your business to run smoothly. Many businesses rely on vans to keep operations running smoothly and most businesses will typically have more than one with major businesses having large fleets of vans making daily journeys and deliveries. As a new year begins, you may be looking to expand your business or simply add a new vehicle to your company.

When it comes to choosing a van, there are many makes and models to choose from but the first consideration for many business owners is – new or used? With van production slowing and the sales of new commercial vans on a noticeable downturn, this is becoming more and more of a pressing issue for business owners and one you need to consider.

A new van is the ideal and most obvious choice as they are going to be more reliable and they are going to last longer. Also, with production on the downturn, getting a brand new van might just give you the longest lasting option. However, there are many benefits to be gained by choosing a used vehicle. With second hand vehicles, there often comes a bit of dread and a horror story but it is time to change that mindset. With the right research and the right vehicle, you can get yourself a brilliant deal and a cracking set of wheels so if you’re thinking about investing in a van, see below for six benefits of choosing a used vehicle. 

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Embracing the new with the old

As mentioned above, the sale of brand new petrol and diesel vehicles is coming to an end in 2030 with all new vans needing to be zero-emission by 2035. While this is a positive move in terms of addressing climate change and something businesses should look to embrace, if your current fleet is full of fuel guzzlers, it’s going to be a costly switch. Second hand vehicles are likely to increase in popularity and be far cheaper than newer electric vehicles so embracing the switch now will help make that transition easier down the road and also incentivise you to make the switch to electric vehicles sooner rather than later, which will likely be backed by government incentives and tax reliefs.

More affordable

The cost savings of buying a used van are its most evident advantage. A used van is far less expensive than a new one, and it won’t depreciate either. If you’re buying a used vehicle, haggling is also simpler, so don’t be hesitant to try and obtain a better offer.

Various financing options

When you acquire a used van, a number of financing options are available, such as leasing and hire purchase. This allows you to spread out your payments to fit your budget and company requirements.

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A large selection of brands and models

Vans come in a variety of sizes and forms, so it’s critical to pick the one that best meets your requirements. You can choose from a large selection of makes and models when you purchase a used van, and at cheaper costs. If you can’t afford a brand-new van, you might have a favourite model that has been discontinued or you could buy the model from the previous year of your preferred make and model. 

Consistency across vans

As mentioned above, new vans are going to be rarer and far more expensive which might mean that your fleet becomes a mix of different makes and models. While not a huge issue, many business owners prefer consistency across their fleet as it looks more professional and it is easier for training purposes. The ability to buy older versions of the same model makes second hand vans more attractive and it allows you to keep a consistent fleet even as supplies diminish.

Reliable quality

A used van doesn’t mean lower quality and many second hand vehicles come with a six month warranty as standard. As part of our sales, we offer a 12 month AA warranty to provide even more assurance. We also supply you with full service history and we can offer MOT tests and servicing on-site to ensure your van lasts as long as possible. Our vans are also fully serviced and maintained before a sale so they are ready to go right from the start.


Here at Barnsley Van Sales, we have Yorkshire’s largest collection of used commercial vans for sale, from manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes and many more. All vehicles are competitively priced, majority having one owner (with service history), and prepared to the highest standard.

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